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Unfortunately Not drunken round robin

Hearing the distinctive roar of an old muscle car, Xander turned to the girl who'd been fruitlessly hitching the same stretch of highway for the last couple of hours and, with some urgency, suggested, "We should step away from the road."

As she shifted to face him, her hair fluttered in the breeze and her breasts shifted distractingly. "It's the first car we've seen for hours," she protested, eyes wide and earnest.

"See, the thing is that old cars come with old people, and some of them are much older than they look. It's always better to practice safe hitching." Xander smiled his best I'm-not-a-psycho-smile and tugged gently at her elbow. Too late. The muscle car - black, naturally, and blasting heavy metal, of course - sped past far enough that Xander's shoulders began to settle.

With a disturbingly familiar screech of tires, the car slammed to a stop and reversed back along the shoulder of the road, jerking to a halt directly in front of them. Spinning the music down to a dull roar and grinning in cheesy flirtation, the driver stuck his head out the window, eyes only for the girl. "Hey, honey. Long night?"

His hand reaching back to his empty waistband, Xander again tugged gently on the girl's elbow. She stepped forward a little toward the driver, smiling back almost as wide. Cold as she was, the odds of her making a choice that was more optimistic than wise had to be getting better. Gaze fixed on the driver, Xander cleared his throat and tugged more firmly back away from the car.
Title: No More Affection Than Duty Requires
Rating: PG
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Word Count: ~3000
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine.
Summary: Shortly after the events of the final episode of Series One, relationships settle into new patterns.

Notes/Warnings: Morgana would stick her nose in. Blame her.

Many, many thanks to [personal profile] rivestra for the awesome beta, and to [personal profile] varkelton for the cheerleading. Sorry this is a little late.

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"Kripke Started It" Meme

See... It just seemed... ungrateful to send out a request without answering one in return.

I fic'd. Aren't we proud?

Hysteria at "Kripke Started It"

TV and I are not getting along right now. Nevertheless, varkelton  made me watch "Changing Channels" from SPN, which, very funny. Then this morning she wandered across this mad house, and I couldn't resist putting my two cents in. This bit of hysteria is what I got in response because isabeau is clearly made of awesome!



Blither blather

I'm sitting here on varkelton 's couch while she dutifully writes for her kink_bigbang  piece. Not nearly so virtuous, I am writing this journal entry largely as a method of procrastination. Well, procrastination and the vague awareness that my entirely empty journal is of the lame.

I have utterly failed, to my great dismay, to play in anyone else's sandbox for all the years that I have been reading fanfic. Suddenly on September 11, I came home from dinner with rivestra  and I found, to my mixed delight and revulsion, my head filled with this horrific abomination I'd almost certainly never read. It's genderbend.

Seriously. What is the point of writing about perfectly lovely young men if one is going to turn them into women? Worse, it is apparently epic genderbend.

21k words later, I'm still writing the blasted thing. It hardly needs saying that I blame rivestra  entirely... except for the part where I blame varkelton  who seems determined to make me get over myself and keep writing.

Characters are squidgy and uncooperative. That is all.